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Why you need a
Blue Mount
Water Purifer?

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WHy you need blue mount whater purifier ? WHy you need blue mount whater purifier ?

Wonder Water by
Alkaline RO Technology

Our water impacts all of your body's cells, tissues, glands, organs, and organ systems that's everything in your body.
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Service & Maintenance

Our teams work with you to develop cost-effective maintenance services, backed by industry-leading performance guarantees and turn-times.

Blue Mount
Original Parts

With Blue Mount, you benefit from our world-class new parts, used serviceable material and repairs incorporating advanced technology and ensuring optimized support.

Nationwide Network

We operate, distribute and service Pan India, making sure you have 100% pure and healthy water, anytime, anywhere.

Blue Mount Direct

Sabse Pure. Sabse Healthy.

Blue Mount is a leading alkaline RO water purifier brand committed to delivering pure and healthy water to every person. We understand the need for pure and healthy water in this age of impurity and therefore has brought to you some best quality products. Our Alkaline RO water Purifiers not just give you balanced and healthy water but, for the first time in India,it gives you an opportunity to become an entrepreneur as well. Yes! You heard that right. A chance to unveil the entrepreneur inside you and start generating wealth to fulfill all your needs and dreams.

We are working with a mission to provide healthy water and employment for one and all at the same time and pacing forth in that direction. Our products are the best quality and fit your wallet.

You can purchase any of them and recommend it to your friends, relatives and colleagues. It makes you eligibleto earn a percentage of the profit after reaching a threshold number of sales.

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Blue Mount Direct Products

We are a new-age water purifier brand which originates from India to serve the people of it's country. We have taken a challenge- to provide 100% pure and healthy water in every household.

Our Values

Blue Mount Direct has a strong agenda of working with ethics and never compromises with its values.
Our best and quality deliveryis our core USP.


Quality of the product and quality of water that it renders are always on priority for us. Therefore, we test our purifiers several times to meet quality standards before it is delivered to you.


We work with truthfulness and transparency in all our products and services. So as not to compromise with the faith of consumers which they have shown in us.


Since inception, Customer Satisfaction has beenour topmost priority. In order to achieve this, we do all possible things. We strive to maintain a lifelong relationship with all our customers.


To help people be healthy while being the topmost consumer-centric company in India.