Spreading Awareness

Other RO water purifiers maintain only the TDS of water by adding non-RO purified water and neglect the factor of maintaining the pH and ORP. Whereas, Blue Mount Has Introduced advanced Anti-oxidant Alkaline technology, which is a blessing for every human being and this awareness needs to be spread drastically. Blue Mount has become one of the most trusted RO brands with 100% RO Purified water which increases pH (7 to 8.5) and reduces the ORP (-50 to -250) and maintains TDS by adding important minerals too.


One of the key mission of Blue Mount Direct is to promote Entrepreneurship cum Self Employment globally with its assured benefits and independent Business Plan best fit for one and all. The concept of Blue Mount Direct is so fascinating that it allows people to establish themselves as a key leader to their Business Networks and spread it widely to masses. This makes a safe and healthy future as well as upgrades your value, recognition, and potential to increase your wealth. Joining Blue Mount Direct as an Entrepreneur will assure you success, wealth, and benefits. A bright future awaits you when you become a part of this mission. Blue Mount helps you to fulfill your dreams when you work toward being significant in this mission.

Direct Sale

Since the beginning, the major shareholder vertical of revenue in the water purifier industry is Direct Sales. Therefore, our Direct Sale vertical will help our customers to become a seller by referring our products to the buyers. Consequently, it will result in achieving high and attractive payouts by the seller. Alongside, it will also help in creating a passive source of financial growth.

Increase Volume and Profit

The result of Direct Sales will increase in sales volume of water purifiers and consequently increase the profits made by the seller.


As the Blue Mount Products will reach the maximum households, there will be a regular requirement of service which will help the Business Associates of Service Department to generate higher service revenue.

To help people be healthy while being the topmost consumer-centric company in India.