Service & Maintenance

Our teams work with you to develop cost-effective maintenance services supported by industry-leading performance guarantees and turn-times. Every Blue Mount Purifier comes with one year of free repair coverage through its limited warranty and up to 4 onsite servicing of complimentary support.

One stop for technical support

Since Blue Mount Direct designs and Manufactures its purifiers and many of its parts; they are a truly integrated system. And only Blue Mount Care provides one-stop service and support from Blue Mount experts, so most issues can be resolved in a single visit or call.

Contact us or carry the purifier to Blue Mount Authorized Service Provider for support and Express Replacement Service.

1-year warranty

Blue Mount purifier comes with a limited one year warranty. It covers one-time installation of the purifier at your doorstep and repair coverage of purifier parts for one year from the date of purchase.

Blue Mount Warranty Coverage

Blue Mount Care provides repair or replacement coverage, both parts, and labor from the Blue Mount authorized technicians. The service coverage includes most parts, of which further details are in the product manual.


With years of in-depth research and development, Blue Mount has introduced a very recent purification process that includes anti-oxidant Alkaline + RO + UF stages. This collectively purifies water from the toughest impurities while the anti-oxidant Alkaline technology maintains the pH and reduces ORP level by adding minerals essential for human body. In parallel, the blue mount has also introduced computerized Controlled LED display which makes the product informative and user-friendly.

Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Technology

Other RO water purifiers maintain only the TDS of water by adding non-RO purified water and neglect the factor of maintaining the pH and ORP. Whereas, with advanced Anti-oxidant Alkaline technology, Blue Mount has become one of the most trusted RO brands with 100% RO Purified water which increases pH (7 to 8.5) and reduces the ORP (-50 to -250) and maintains TDS by adding important minerals.

LED Display Technology

BlueMount is the first Indian water purifier manufacturer to introduce Anti-oxidant alkaline RO water purifiers with an intelligent LED Display system which indicates the user about the working condition of the purifier and notifies about the real-time errors. It has a user-friendly interface which helps to build a healthy bond between the company and the user by flashing a 24*7 helpline number in case of trouble.

To help people be healthy while being the topmost consumer-centric company in India.